As usual, your pieces are over the top!. I believe you are one of the best furniture makers on this planet. There are only four flawless pieces on the floor and your's is one of them. I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe your work!
Judge at 2015 Northern Woods Exhibition of Fine Woodwork

OK.... I am speechless. Wow!
Judge at 2015 Northern Woods Exhibition of fine Woodwork

You know how sometimes, you can fall in love with somebody you know will never, ever feel that way about you, and that's okay? You love them so much that you really, honestly just want them to be happy and find somebody who will treat them the way they deserve to be treated? That's how I feel about this wine cabinet, designed and built by Minnesota woodworking artist Mark Laub. It is incredibly expensive. It is also the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The photo cannot possibly do it justice. My husband and I have gone to Minneapolis' Blue Sky Gallery just to pet it. Laub does incredible things with wood, at an obsessive level of detail. For instance, in one side of these cabinets, there's a tiered stack of curved drawers meant to hold tea. Open a drawer, and inside it, where most people will never see, is an intricate, exquisite wood inlay flower. It is amazing. I can't afford it. But I want it to go to a good home, with Happy Mutants who grok the time and skill and love that little, hidden flower represents.
Maggie for the Boing-Boing Gift Guide

Northern Woods Exhibition 2007 Judges Comments – Click here to listen

“You provided the utmost quality and craftsmanship in this project. J loves to run her hand over the wood finish, as it is so smooth and silky. Your attention to details such as brass pinning, patinated copper accents, wood inlays, and stained glass are simply exceptional. They are incredible examples of the true artist you are. We started our project with a dream, and you surpassed it. What a gem.”

“At the beginning we found you to be easy to work with and interested in our thoughts and ideas. As the project moved forward, we began to learn more about you and became friends. You are a real artist and a great human being”………J.S.

“If Pygmalion were a cabinet maker, this case would surely dance!” juror, Minnetonka Art Center

“I feel so smug and privileged to be the owner of my new Mark Laub creation!”…S.E.

“Master class lesson #1” …..Judge, Northern Woods Exhibition

“Well executed ,very well thought through, incredible details, absolutely beautiful. A masterpiece. Wow!”….Judge, Northern Woods Exhibition

“your wine cellarette is just outrageous! I can’t look at it without smiling!….Polly

“You ##!!%&!! You’re already there and don’t even know it!! … D.J.M. Santa Rosa, California

“Really extraordinary! I can’t really say that I have been in awe of a piece of furniture before!”..M.F.

“This must be also be a beautiful experience for an unsighted person. Your work is as exquisite to touch as to see….M.M.

“Wow! You have a gift. Keep pushing…you are on to something.” … T.S.

“Nice lines and sculpted curves.” L.B. Dandridge, TN

“Your stuff is from another planet! You are in a class of one! Great, great work- R.G.

“Just insane!” L.S.

“Well thought out and beautifully executed. What an imagination!” T.L

“This is one of the most beautiful and complex pieces of furniture I have ever seen!” A.O